Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Department 8


Organic and Petrochem. Synthesis

Kashkovskij Vladimir Ilyich, Candidate of chemical sciences, scientific researcher.

Contact information:
Adress: Kiev, Kharkivske Shosse, 50
Phone / fax: 559 70 60

Scientific direction of the subdivision work:
The main scientific direction of the department 8 is an investigation of the metathesysis and sometathesysis of different olefines, including olefines with functional groups and its use in the processes of carbohydrates interconversions; the search and investigation of the effectivity of action of a new catalytic systems in the metathesysis and sometathesysis reactions, investigation of the influence of different factors on its passing; clarification of the possibility to combine the oligomerization and isomerization reactions of the lower olefines in one technological cycle with subsiquent metathesysis and somethesysis of the products obtained.

The works directed on development of the technological methods of sterilization of a toxic industrial wastes of different origin are realized in our department. The investigations developed are based on the approaches concerning with a possibility of the transformations of such wastes into matherials safe for the environment or their use as secondary base for the obtaining of valuable products. Recently the experimental - industrial technology was created to neutralize high - concentrated toxic remain which was formed after purification of liquid products of the decomposition of organic constituent of the household rubbish. It was also developed the method of obtaining of an effective coagulant from the wastes of aluminous production. This coagulant shown positive effect for the purification of sewage of different origin and in the method of destructive removal of a phenols from the phenol - containing industrial effluents.
The considerable attention is devoted to the works connected with the use of coagulants - flocculating agents of the "Syzol" series in the processes of water purification. The wide investigations of their activity in the processes of water and sewage purification are carried out. One of the variants of reagents stated is a basic for the industrial technology of purification of sewage from manganeze mining - concentrating centre.

Additional information about subdivision.
Department 8 was organized in 1965 as a department of sulfolanes chemistry. The priority direction of the subdivision was an investigation of the reactivity of five - membered cyclic sulfolanes, the development of a new methods of synthesis of their derivatives, detailed studying of the chemical and biological properties of a new compounds and introduction them into industry. During the work in this scientific field 2 doctoral and 17 candidate dissertations were defended. 112 inventors certificates of USSR and Ukraine and 3 foreign patents were prepared. 1 monograph, 5 rewiev papers and about 200 scientific publications were prepared for this period. The department was headed by Dr. Bezmenova T. E. from 1965 to 1986, and by Dr. Grigoryev A. A. from 1986 to 2002.