Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Laboratory of Modification of Polymers



Laboratory of Modification of Polymers

Head of the Laboratory:

Dr. Sergiy Rogalsky, PhD
Tel. + 38 044 5594622


Research interests:

  • synthesis of various modifying additives for thermoplastic polymers and protective coatings having improved performance attributes: low volatile plasticizers with high migration resistance, thermally stable cationic biocides, low toxic antifouling agents and corrosion inhibitors;
  • synthesis of functionalized ionic liquids having reduced toxicity and improved biodegradability which are promising for the use as non-volatile plasticizers and antimicrobial agents for thermoplastic polymers; - surface chemical modification of polymers for medical applications;
  • synthesis of internal melt-rheology modifiers for polycondensed polymers; - synthesis of new protic ionic liquids having high ionic conductivity;
  • development of polymer-electrolyte membranes for high-temperature fuel cell applications based on thermally stable polymers (polyimides, polybenzimidazoles, polyoxadiazoles, polytriazoles, bacterial cellulose) and protic ionic liquids

Research projects:

"Fabrication and studying of new antimicrobial polymer composites modified with functionalized onium salts of heterocyclic nature (2018-2020)

"Environmentally friendly plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride based on derivatives of vegetable oils” (2017-2021)

"Proton conducting membranes based on ionic liquids” (2013-2017) STCU project P-536

"Synthesis of ionenes” (2012) “Modification of polycarbonates with ionic compounds” (2010-2012) CNRS project

"Elaboration of a permselective composite membrane by swelling of a porous polymer structure with an ionic liquid (2010-2011)

"Synthesis of guanidine derivatives” (PPG Industries, USA) (2007)

"STCU project 3770 “Internal modification of polycarbonates” (2006-2009)

"The use of ionic liquids for modification of polyamides” (2007-2009)



Oleg Dzhuzha, PhD
Research scientist



Olesya Aksenovska, PhD
Junior research scientist



Oksana Tarasyuk
Junior research scientist



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