Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Department 14


Homogeneous Catalysis and Additives to Oil Products.

The head of a department:
Polunkin Ye.V. - Ph. D.

The contact information:
Addresses: 50, the Kharkov highway, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone / fax: (044559-70-54; (044559-71-81

The basic scientific directions of the department:
- kinetics and mechanisms of metal-complex and metal-cluster catalysis of the radical reactions;
-creation of new perspective for industrial use of metal-complex and metal-cluster additives for oil products (lubricant oils, plastic greasings, fuel, technological liquids);
-synthesis on their basis of new monomers and polymers containing perfluoroaromatic, perfluoroalifatic and metal-containing fragments as coupling agents and composit materials supplements (including solid lubricants).
- the savings of resources in petrochemical manufactures

Scientific activity materials:

New functional materialsbased on thermostable geterochain polymers

E.V.Sheludko, G.A.Kovtun and O.N.Tsypina