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Selected publications


Polyaniline/poly(ethylene terephthalate) film as a new optical sensing material, Ie. Duboriz, A. Pud, Sensors and Actuators B, 2014, 190, 398–407.
DOI: 10.1016/j.snb.2013.09.005


Poly (3-methylthiophene)-polyaniline couple spectroelectrochemistry revisited for the complementary red-green-blue electrochromic deviceD. Sydorov, Ie. Duboriz, A. Pud, Electrochimica Acta, 2013, 106, 114-120 DOI: 10.1016/j.electacta.2013.05.071

Deep Impact of the Template on Molecular Weight, Structure, and Oxidation State of the Formed Polyaniline, N.A. Ogurtsov, Yu.V. Noskov, K.Yu. Fatyeyeva, V.G. Ilyin, G.V. Dudarenko, A.A. Pud, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2013, 117, 5306–5314.

Effect of the Nature of the Template on the Structure and Properties of Electrodeposited Vertically Aligned Submicron ZnO Rods, D.A. Sydorov, S.D. Myhailov, T.I. Motronyuk, Yu.P. Piryatinski, P.S. Smertenko, V.G. Ilyin, A.A. Pud, Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, October 2013
DOI: 10.1007/s11237-013-9324-8


Electrochemically assembled planar hybrid poly (3-methylthiophene)/ZnO nanostructured composites, Sydorov D., Smertenko P., Piryatinski Y., Yoshida T., Pud A., Electrochimica Acta, 2012, V.81, P. 83– 89.
DOI: 10.1016/j.electacta.2012.07.076

Tuning of the charge and energy transfer in ternary CdSe/poly (3-methylthiophene)/poly (3-hexylthiophene) nanocomposite system, Dimitriev O.P., Ogurtsov N.A., Li Y, Pud A.A., Gigli G., Smertenko P.S., Piryatinski Y.P., Noskov Y.V, Kutsenko A.S., Colloid & Polymer Science, 2012, V. 290, P.1145–1156.
DOI: 10.1007/s00396-012-2632-z


Nanostructured polyaniline-based composites for ppb range ammonia sensing, Wojkiewicz J.L., Bliznyuk V.N., Carquigny S , Elkamchi N., Redon N., Lasri T., Pud A.A., Reynaud S., Sens. Actuators B, 2011, V. 160, No. 1, P. 1394-1403.
DOI: 10.1016/j.snb.2011.09.084

Interaction of polyaniline with hydroxyl-ions in N-methylpyrrolidinone, Dimitriev O.P. , Pud A.A., Synthetic Metals, 2011, V. 161, No. 17-18, P. 1813-1819.
DOI: 10.1016/j.synthmet.2011.06.006

Evidence of the controlled interaction between PEDOT and PSS in the PEDOT:PSS complex via concentration changes of the complex solution, Dimitriev O.P., Piryatinski Y.P., Pud A.A., Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2011, V. 115, No. 6, P. 1357-1362.

Synthesis and properties of hybrid poly(3-methylthiophene)-CdSe nanocomposite and estimation of its photovoltaic ability, Ogurtsov N.A., Pud A.A., Dimitriev O.P., Piryatinski Yu.P. Smertenko P.S., Noskov Yu.V., Kutsenko O.S, Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals.- 2011. - V. 536, No. 1. - P. 33-40.

Redox-reactions of active oxygen species on the surface of model biomembranes, G. S. Shapoval, O. S. Kruglyak, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2011, Volume 83, Issue 8 , pp 1503-1510.

Effect of water-soluble polyaniline on the reduction of oxygen and the reaction of its active forms with antioxidants, G. S. Shapoval, O. S. Kruglyak, A. A. Pud, Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry,  2011, Vol. 47, Issue 4, pp 238-243.

Electrochemical modeling of antioxidants action and determination of their activity, G. S. Shapoval, O. S. Kruglyak, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2011, Volume 81, Issue 7, pp 1442-1448.
Antioxidant activity of thiamine and its structural analogs in reactions with electrochemically generated hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide, G. S. Shapoval, L. V. Babii, O. S. Kruglyak, A. I. Vovk,  Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry March 2011, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp 55-60.


Ternary magnetic nanocomposites based on core–shell Fe3O4/polyaniline) nanoparticles distributed in PVDF matrix, Petrychuk M., Kovalenko V., Pud A., Ogurtsov N., Gubin A., Physica Status Solidi A, 2010, v. 207, P. 442-447.

Formation of nanostructured composites with environmentally-dependent electrical properties based on poly(vinylidene fluoride)-polyaniline core-shell latex system, Polymer, 2010, v. 51, No.9, p.2000-2006,Neelgund G.M., Bliznyuk V.N., Pud A.A., Fatyeyeva K.Yu., Hrehorova E., Joyce M.
DOI: 10.1016/j.polymer.2010.02.038

In situ spectroelectrochemical study of dissolved oligomer products formed in the electrochemical polymerization of 3-methylthiophene, D.A. Sidorov, AA Pud,Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry 46 (3), 158-162 DOI:10.1007/s11237-010-9133-2

Structure and properties of polymer core-shell systems: Helium ion microscopy and electrical conductivity studies
, J. Vac. Sci. Tecnol., 2010, v.28, No.6, C6P59-C6P65 ,V. Bliznyuk, A. Pud, L. Scipioni, C. Huynh,  N. Ogurtsov, D. Ferranti


PEDOT-PSS films: effect of organic solvent additives and annealing on the film conductivity, Synthetic Metals, 2009, 159, No.21-22, P. 2237-2239,Dimitriev O.P., Grinko D., Noskov Yu.V., Ogurtsov N. A., Pud A.A.
Formation and properties of nano- and micro-structured conducting polymer host-guest composites, Synthetic Metals, 2009, 159, No.21-22, P. 2253-2258,Pud A.A., Noskov Yu.V.,. Ogurtsov N.A , Dimitriev O.P., Piryatinski Yu.P., Osipyonok N.M., Smertenko P.S., Kassiba A., Fatyeyeva K.Yu., Shapoval G.S.