Department 10

Department of catalytic synthesis

Patrylak Lyubov , Dr. Chem. of Sciences

Scientific directions of the Department:

Zeolite catalysts and acid-base zeolite catalysis of complex hydrocarbon transformations: synthesis of zeolite acid catalysts; study of their adsorption and acidic properties; testing for major carbon-ion reactions of hydrocarbon conversion; study of patterns of carbonic-ion reactions and efficiency of synthesized catalysts on pilot plants; study of mechanisms of carbonic-ion reactions of transformation of hydrocarbons; development of catalyst technologies and related catalytic processes; biodiesel based on vegetable oils and ethyl alcohol.

Advanced research and development:

Investigation of the deactivation of zeolite catalysts in basic carbon-ion reactions with simultaneous study of the nature of the coke formed. A new phenomenon of continuous motion of coke with a vector alternately directed to the outer surface of the zeolite crystals, then deep into the porous structure of the zeolite. The main zeolite catalyst for the alkylation of toluene with methanol into the side chain for the one-step production of styrene. Solid zeolite catalyst for transesterification of triglycerides of fatty acids of natural oils with ethyl alcohol. Technologies of homogeneous-catalytic and heterogeneous-catalytic transesterification of rapeseed, sunflower and linseed oils with ethyl alcohol.

Additional information about the Department:

The distribution of the primary products of certain carbonic-ion transformations was determined by their realization under conditions of small (at the level of one second) and very small (at the level of tenth or hundredths of a second) of residence time of the reaction ingredients on the catalyst bed. On the basis of the obtained experimental data, the concept of the decisive role of primary carbacions stabilized by the negatively charged positions of the zeolite structure at the initial and final stages of carbonic-ion transformations with the leading role of secondary and tertiary carbacions in intragranular molecules is proposed.

To study one of the most difficult problems is heterogeneous acid catalysis - deactivation of acid catalysts as a result of coke formation, determination of the coke composition and the dynamics of its combustion - a unique method of discrete-sequential microoxidation of coke has been developed. With the use of this method, the deactivation of acid catalysts based on the most significant types of zeolites - fozhazite (X and Y), mordenite and zeolite of high silica - in such carbonic-ion transformations of hydrocarbons as alkylation, isomerization, disproportionation, was studied. For the first time, the behavior of coke deposits on decontaminated samples has been investigated for nearly three years. New phenomenon observed: continuous motion of coke with alternately directed vector  then to the outer surface of the zeolite crystals, then deep into the porous structure of the zeolite. In this case, the coke either completely covers the outer surface of the zeolite crystal, becoming a massive coke phase, or is on it in the form of clusters. At the heart of the observed phenomenon is a regularity formulated in previous years, according to which at a certain high-temperature point there is an inversion of pressure (or magnitude of chemical potential) from greater over clusters to greater over massive phase.

The original homogeneous-catalytic technology for biodiesel production was created, which is based on the reaction of transesterification of rapeseed (sunflower) oil with ethanol, that is, on the use of fully biodegradable and produced in Ukraine raw materials.

The biodiesel fuel, synthesized at the enlarged IBONH NAS pilot plant of Ukraine, showed (Khimmotological Center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and AM Pidgorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering of NAS of Ukraine) unique energy-ecological characteristics: in mixtures with diesel fuel of petroleum origin in concentrations of 20-80%, the synthesized product is slightly inferior to the maximum engine power (up to 6.5% rel.), by the values ​​of maximum torque (compared to the higher quality (Euro) grade C type II oil). up to 3.5% rel.) and engine efficiency (up to 5% rel.), but clearly outweighs it in terms of environmental characteristics: shows 1-5% lower values ​​of emissions into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, less 1.3-1.5 times the values ​​of emissions of nitrogen oxides, smaller 1.2-1.3 times - carbon monoxide, 1.9-3, 3 times - incomplete combustion products, 1.1-2 times lower smoke, with the last four characteristics covering the entire concentration range, including pure biodiesel.

The synthesized product is one of the biodiesel fuels known today, which results in the burning of nitrogen oxides in the cylinders of internal combustion engines and, on the contrary, decreases substantially, making it environmentally acceptable.

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