Лабораторія 14.1

Laboratory of polymer modification

Head of Laboratory

Rogalsky Sergey Petrovich, Candidate of Chemical Sciences
         Tel. + 38 044 5594622;
         Email: sergey.rogalsky@gmail.com

Main areas of research:

  • synthesis of modifying impurities for industrial polymers with improved performance: plasticizers for industrial thermoplastics with high migration resistance, heat-resistant biocides with low toxicity, anti-fouling agents and corrosion inhibitors for protective coatings;
  • synthesis of new monomers - internal rheological properties modifiers for polycondensation polymers;
  • surface chemical modification of polymers for medical purposes;
  • synthesis of new proton-conducting electrolytes based on ionic liquids and obtaining polymer-electrolyte membranes for fuel cells operated at temperatures above 100 °C.

Scientific projects:

“Obtaining and Study of Properties of New Antimicrobial Polymer Composites, Modified by Functionalized Onium Salts of Heterocyclic Nature” (2018-2020)

“Eco-friendly plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride based on vegetable oil derivatives” (2017-2021)

“Proton-conducting polymeric membranes based on ionic liquids” (2013-2017)

Ionene Synthesis (STCU Project No. R-536, 2012)

Modification of Polycarbonates by Ionic Compounds (2010-2012)

“Development of selective composite membranes based on porous polymeric structures and ionic liquids” (CNRS Project, 2010-2011)

Guanidine Derivation Synthesis (PPG Industries, USA) (2007)

“Internal Modification of Polycarbonates” (STCU Project No. 3770, 2006-2009)

“Application of ionic liquids for modification of polyamides” (2007-2009)

Dzhuzha Oleg Vitaliyovych, Researcher, Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialty 21.06.01 “Environmental Safety” (2009)

Oksenia Aksenovskaya, Junior Researcher, Candidate of Chemical Sciences in the specialty 02.00.06 “Chemistry of Macromolecular Compounds” (2014)

Oksana Tarasyuk, Junior Researcher



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