Department 24

Відділ науково-організаційної роботи та інтелектуальної власності

Head of Department: Sergei Popilichenko , Candidate of Chemical Sciences

The main activities of the department are the preparation of scientific and organizational documents related to the planning and execution of research works, training of scientific personnel, works on protection of rights to objects of intellectual property rights and works on standardization. and standard control of scientific and organizational documents.

The Division's tasks and responsibilities

The main task of the Division:

1. In the field of scientific and organizational work:
        1.1. organizing the implementation of works related to the planning of basic and applied research and the preparation of relevant scientific and organizational documents (thematic and prospective plans for research and development);
        1.2. informing the heads of scientific units and all scientists about the announcement of competitions for the implementation of projects of scientific and technical programs of different levels;
        1.3. ensuring timely state registration of performed research works and their stages;
        1.4. control of development and quality of preparation of requests for financing of R&D projects, terms of reference, feasibility studies and other scientific and technical documents.

2. In the field of scientific training:
        2.1. Organizing and documenting the issues related to the training of higher-level scientific personnel through postgraduate studies in the specialty 102 "Chemistry" in accordance with the License obtained by the Institute for higher education education at the third (educational-scientific) level;
        2.2. Preparation of documents on conferring academic degrees and academic titles, holding competitions for the replacement of vacant positions, annual certification of graduate students and applicants for scientific degrees;
        2.3. Provision of preparation of reports on postgraduate work and employment of its graduates.

3. In the field of work with objects of intellectual property rights:
3.1. registration and registration of created objects of intellectual property rights (hereinafter - IPR) in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation;
3.2. organization of patent information work, provision of patent information to the employees of the Institute, methodical recommendations on the creation, acquisition and protection of IPR rights;
3.3. monitoring of legislative acts in the field of IPR protection and submission of proposals to the Institute Directorate regarding their possible implementation;
3.4. preparation of statistical and other reports on the protection of IPR on the requests of the leadership of the Institute, Presidium of NAS of Ukraine and other organizations,
3.5. control of timely payment by the Institute of fees and duties for actions related to the protection of the IPO;
3.6. arranging and providing methodological guidance for conducting patent investigations by R&D units in accordance with state standards, including for the purpose of identifying objects of intellectual property rights; keeping with the order of the Institute, keeping a register of the mentioned contracts and Additional agreements thereto.

4. In the field of standardization:
4.1. Carrying out of normative control of scientific and technical documentation developed at the Institute (research reports, technical tasks, instructions, etc.);
4.2. ensuring the functioning of the Institute's regulatory and technical documentation system, completing regulatory documents funds.

Відділ науково-організаційної роботи та інтелектуальної власності особливу увагу приділяє роботі щодо використання та застосовування результатів дослідницької роботи Інституту (патенти, ліцензії тощо).

Впродовж останніх років Інститут біоорганічної хімії та нафтохімії ім. В.П. Кухаря НАН України підписав:

- 8 license agreements for the use of copyright objects (TU of Ukraine) with the State Enterprise "Interagency Scientific and Technological Center" Agrobiotech "(SE" ISTC "Agrobiotech") with the grant of SE "ISTC" Agrobiotech "a non-exclusive license for the production of plant growth regulators : invin, emistim-C, potyetin, charkor, agrostimulin, betastimulin, zeastimulin, treptolem;
- 8 license agreements for the use of copyright objects (TU of Ukraine) with the Limited Liability Company “High Harvest” (LLC “High Harvest”) with the grant of LLC “High Harvest” a non-exclusive license for the production of plant growth regulators: C, Poteytin, Charkor, Agrostimulin, Betastimulin, Zeastimulin, Treptolem;
- 1 license agreement with the Joint Stock Company “Ukrcommunservice” (JSC “Ukrcommunservice”) with a non-exclusive license         for the use of the copyright object of the Technical Terms of Ukraine 88.264.022-95 “Thermoshrinkable insulation tape“ Termizol ””;
        - 1 license agreement with the State Enterprise "Experimental Plant of Medicines" of IBONH NAS of Ukraine (SE "EZMP" of IBONH NAS of Ukraine) with the grant of SE "EZMP" of IBONH NAS of Ukraine an exclusive license for the use of the patent of Ukraine for the invention No. 108310 "Method of obtaining ointment ».
Under contracts for transfer of IPR Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry. V.P. The chef of NAS of Ukraine for the period 2016-2018 received about 300 thousand UAH. payments (royalties) from user organizations of the Institute's intellectual product.

Інститут біоорганічної хімії та нафтохімії ім. В.П. Кухаря НАН України був нагороджений Почесними грамотами за перемогу у конкурсі установ НАН України у 2016 та 2017 роках за досягнення кращих показників у винахідницькій роботі, створенні і використанні об’єктів інтелектуальної власності й за отримання першого (2016 р.) та другого (2017 р.) місць.


Адреса: 02094, Київ-94, вул. Мурманська, 1, Україна
Телефон: +38 (044) 573 2678