International cooperation

2018 year

Study of chemically modified three-dimensional organic matrices (Germany, 2018-2022). Head of the Ph.D. Smolyi OB

Design, synthesis and directional chemical transformations of heterocyclic compounds of a number of azoles and azines (Belarus, 2018). Ph.D. Sorochinskiy OE

Ketosteroid phytohormones and their derivatives - new substances, molecular probes and biochemical agents for managing plant stability and productivity (Belarus, 2018). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

Creating new plant growth regulators to enhance plant immunosuppressive properties from stress factors of abiotic and biotic origin with the prospect of their use in agricultural biotechnology (United Kingdom, 2018). Ph.D. Tsigankova VA

2017 year

Development of new nanostructured conjugated polymers as sorbents for the removal of harmful substances from water (USA, 2017-2019). Ph.D., prof. Pood OA

Phospholipid metabolism as a new component of phytohormone signaling pathways (Czech Republic, 2017-2019). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

2016 year

Transformed brassinosteroids: synthesis, physicochemical characteristics, cell signaling, regulation of metabolism, and influence on plant resistance to adverse environmental factors (Belarus, 2016-2017). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

Synthesis of fluorine-containing N, O-heterocycles with different pharmacobiophores based on 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds (Belarus, 2016-2017). Ph.D. Sorochinskiy OE

Lipid signaling and hormonal regulation: cross-interaction in plants (France, 2016-2018). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

The role of phosphatidylinositol-4-kinases in the formation of the plant root system and in response to hormone action (Czech Republic, 2016-2017). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

2015 year

Development of a superselective adsorbent against FDR (US, Science for Peace and Security Program, 2014-2017). Ph.D. Golovko LV (2014-2016). Ph.D. Honorable VA (2016-2017).

2014 year

Assessment of the role of the phospholipase C family in the adaptation of plant metabolism to stressful conditions using the Arabidopsis transgenic plant model (Czech Republic, 2014-2016). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

Investigation of the involvement of phosphatidylinositol kinases in hormonal and stress signaling (France, 2014-2017). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

Development of furin inhibitors (USA, 2014-2017). Ph.D. Osadchuk TV

Modification of cellulosic surfaces by flavonoids: development of methods for the introduction of antibacterial and antifungal properties (Sweden, 2014). Ph.D. Osadchuk TV

Research on new substances for anticancer activity (USA, 2014-2019). Ph.D. Frasinyuk MS

2013 year

Investigation of phase transitions of enantiomer mixtures, in particular, sublimation of mixtures of natural amino acids (France, 2013-2014). Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science (Engineering), prof. VP Kukhar

Non-clinical NIAID testing at the US National Institutes of Health (USA, 2013-2018). Ph.D., prof. Brovarets VS

Enterolignans and their Functionalized Analogues: Synthesis and Applications (France, 2013-2014). Ph.D. Fedoryak OD

2012 year

Modeling and experimental studies of liposomes and new synthetic antioxidants (Japan, 2012-2016). Ph.D., prof. Wolf A.I.

Ecotoxicity of metal nanoparticles and metal oxides: experimental research and modeling (Netherlands, Science for Peace and Security Program, 2012-2015). Ph.D. Metelitsa L.O.

Synthesis of optically active aminophosphonates of cyclic and non-cyclic structure (Russia, 2012-2013). Head Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science (Engineering), prof. VP Kukhar

Development of heavy metal extractants based on bifunctional phosphonates (Russia, 2012). Ph.D., prof. Kolodyazhnyi OI

Natural and chemically modified brassinosteroids in the process of restoration and maintenance of energy homeostasis of plant cells under stress of plants (Belarus, 2012). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

The role of phospholipase C and phosphatidylinositol kinases in the realization of cytokinin action on plants under normal and stressful conditions (Russia, 2012). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

Ionene Synthesis (USA, 2012). Ph.D. Rogalsky S.P.

Electrochemical synthesis for photovoltaic applications of hybrid semiconductor structures (Japan, 2012). Ph.D., prof. Pud OA

2011 year

Molecular features of plant response to the action of abiotic and biotic stresses (Czech Republic, 2011-2013). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

Inhibition of protein tyrosine phosphatase by water-soluble fullerene derivatives (Russia, 2011-2013). Prof. Vovk A.I.

iPRIOR is an online platform for predicting toxicity and prioritizing chemical compounds to open new drugs (Germany, 2011-2013). Ph.D. Prokopenko VV

Synthesis and study of organic molecules that can increase the efficiency of somatic cell reprogramming (Mexico, 2011-2012). Ph.D. Fedoryak OD

The role of genes and enzymes of phospholipid and carbohydrate metabolism in the processes of plant growth and tropism (Belarus, 2011-2012). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites for Sensory Applications (France, 2011-2016). Ph.D., prof. Pood OA

2010 year

Non-clinical NCI testing at the National Cancer Institute (USA, 2010-2017). Ph.D., prof. Brovarets VS

Synthesis and evaluation of metal immobilized porous mineral oxides as sorbents for deep desulfurization of transport fuels (USA, 2010-2011). Ph.D. Kiselev VP

Finding effective protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors using nanochemical approaches and evaluating their biological efficacy in silico (STCU project, 2010-2012). Ph.D., prof. Vovk A.I.

Development of selective composite membranes based on porous polymeric structures and ionic liquids (France, 2010-2011). Ph.D. Rogalsky S.P.

Hybrid core-shell composites of electrically conductive polymer and their applications (USA, 2010-2012). Ph.D., prof. Pood OA

2009 year

Study of structure, reactivity and bioregulatory properties of fluorinated derivatives of phosphonic and bisphosphonic acids (France, 2009-2011). Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science (Engineering), prof. VP Kukhar

High-performance adsorbents for CO2 capture in combustion products (USA, 2009-2011). Ph.D. Golovko LV

New transformations of fluorine-containing ketones with organophosphorus compounds (Germany, 2009-2011). Ph.D. Sorochinskiy OE

New synthetic pathways to polyfluoroalkyl containing amino and / or hydroxy acids with potential biological activity (Germany, 2009-2011). Ph.D. Gerus II

Study of the reactions of phosphites and fluorinated unsaturated ketones (Germany, 2009-2011). Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science (Engineering), prof. VP Kukhar

Natural and chemically modified brassinosteroids in the regulation of seed germination and the development of cereals under optimal and extreme environmental conditions (Belarus, 2009-2010). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

Participation of genes and enzymes of phospholipid, phenylpropanoid metabolism and antioxidant systems in the processes of signal transduction of stress responses in a plant cell (Belarus, 2009-2010). Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science (Engineering), prof. VP Kukhar

Molecular basis of plant response to the action of abiotic stress (China, 2009-2010). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

Synthesis of new fluorinated mimetics of naturally occurring biologically active compounds (Germany, 2009-2011). Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science (Engineering), prof. Chef VP

Hybrid silicon carbide nanocomposites with polyaniline (France, 2009-2010). Ph.D., prof. Pood OA

Polymeric polyvinylidene fluoride-polyaniline (polytrimethylthiophene) core-shell composites and their applications (USA, 2009). Ph.D., prof. Pood OA

2008 year

New Functional Materials Based on Nano- and Micro-Composites (Canada, 2008-2011). Ph.D. Sheludko EV

The role of phospholipases C and D in the response of plants to stress (Czech Republic, 2008-2010). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS
An expert system for predicting the activity of cytochrome-interacting compounds (Germany, 2008-2010). Ph.D. Kovalishin VV

Syntheses of fluorinated nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds (USA, 2008-2009). Ph.D., prof. Drach B.S.

Molecular basis of plant responses to the action of abiotic and biotic stresses (Czech Republic, 2008-2010). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

2007 year

Fluorine Phosphonic Acid Derivatives: Synthesis and Applications in Bio and Medical Chemistry (Germany, 2007-2010). Ph.D., prof. Romanenko VD

Development of ADME/T methods using Associative Non-Ion Networks: new self-study software for reliable ADME / T forecasts (Germany, 2007-2010). Ph.D. Prokopenko VV

New derivatives of difluoromethylenephosphonates and phosphinates (Germany, 2007-2009). Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science (Engineering), prof. Chef VP

Brasinosteroids in the regulation of plant cell metabolism by low-temperature stress (Belarus, 2007-2008). Ph.D. Kharchenko OV

Molecular and biochemical bases of plant adaptation to the action of abiotic stresses (Belarus, 2007-2008). Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science (Engineering), prof. VP Kukhar

2006 year

From design to synthesis of new anti-tuberculosis agents (Portugal, 2006-2010). Ph.D. Prokopenko VV

Development of synthetic approaches to new types of azole and azine derivatives - potential bioregulators (USA, 2006-2009). Ph.D., prof. Drach B.S.

Hybrid organic-inorganic heterostructures for photovoltaic devices (Germany, Sweden, USA, 2006-2008). Ph.D., prof. Pood OA

Development of a reactor for the process of obtaining synthetic fuel on composite proton-conducting membranes (STCU project, 2006-2009). Ph.D. Bortyshevsky VA

Internal modification of polycarbonates (STCU project, 2006-2009). Rogalsky S.P.

Study of organophosphorus compounds by methods of theoretical chemistry and photoelectron spectroscopy (France, 2006). Ph.D., prof. Romanenko VD

Research on the synthesis of fluorine-containing amino acids (Germany, 2006). Ph.D. Sorochinskiy OE

2005 year

Interfacial effects of electrically conductive charged polymer on the electronic and optical properties of host-guest composites of polymers with nanocrystals (France, 2005-2006). Ph.D., prof. Pood OA

2004 year

New anti-friction and anti-wear coatings for use in extreme conditions (Italy, Germany, 2004-2007). Ph.D. Sheludko EV

Oxygen stress. Mechanism of action of antioxidants and radioprotectors (USA, 2004-2007). Ph.D., prof. Shapoval GS

Virtual Laboratory of Computational Chemistry (Sweden, Germany, UK, 2004). Ph.D. Tanchuk V.Yu.

Electrically conductive polymer composites (France, 2004). Ph.D., prof. Shapoval GS

New plant protection products of natural origin: isolation, synthesis and their application to major greenhouse and grape pests (Greece, 2004-2005). NAS of Ukraine, Ph.D., prof. Kolodyazhnyi OI

2002 year

The role of phospholipases in the action of cytokinins (Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, 2002-2005). Ph.D., prof. Kravets VS

2001 year

Polymeric nanomaterials: conventional and intelligent gels incorporating physical networks of polyelectrolytes in interaction with surfactants, proteins and organic molecules (Germany, Belgium, Russia, 2001-2005). Ph.D. Gushcha TO

The synthesis and use of derivatives of adamantane, wireframe and polycyclic compounds, triterpenes, subarin, talic acids for the purpose of forming highly effective anti-wear films on the friction surface in high temperature environments (USA, 2001-2003). Ph.D. Golovko LV

Synthesis and research of multicomponent oxide systems as promising catalysts and adsorbents (Poland, 2001-2003). Ph.D. Patrylak L.K.

Development of synthesis of latanoprost (Israel, 2001-2002). Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science (Engineering), prof. VP Kukhar

Molecular dynamics of proteins in solution. Relaxation studies of human serum albumin in a wide frequency range (Germany, 2001). Ph.D. Gushcha TO

Asymmetric Synthesis (Germany, 2001). Corr. NAS of Ukraine, Ph.D., prof. Kolodyazhnyi OI

2000 year

Synthesis of dendrimeric macromolecules and their modification by fluorinated substituents (USA, 2000-2001). Ph.D. Sheludko EV