V.P. Kukhar Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry (IBOPC) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was established in 1987.

It has more than 200 scientists, whose main research areas are organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, and petrochemistry.

The Basic Lines of the Institute Activity

- Synthesis of bioactive chemical compounds and study of the relationship between their structure and activity.
- Chemical modeling of biological processes, investigations into new bioregulators for medicinal and agricultural needs.
- Development of technologies for obtaining advantageous products from hydrocarbon raw materials.

A considerable body of the Institute's work aims at solving acute ecological problems, in particular:
- cleaning of highly toxic filtration waters of solid waste dumps;
- treatment of industrial, livestock, and municipal sewage;
- development of methods for waste utilization to obtain useful products and for bioenergy conversion;
- processing of thermal power plant ash waste to produce high-purity silicon dioxide.

The Institute has a government license for education activities at the third level and trains the top qualification chemists through postgraduate course on specialization of bioorganic chemistry, petrochemistry, and coal chemistry. The Institute Specialized Academic Council performs certification of scientific personnel and considers dissertations for the Candidate and Doctor of Chemical Sciences degree.

The Institute actively co-operates with high school and has three special labs found jointly with
National Technical University of Ukraine
National Aviation University
Nizhyn State University.

The main task of the joint units is to attract students and undergraduates to scientific work.

The Institute has a scientific library with more than 70 thousand volumes and issues collected papers "Catalysis and Petrochemistry" since 1995.



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