Department 18

Department of synthesis of physiologically active compounds

Head of Department:

Kolodyazhnyj Oleg Ivanovich, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, well-known researcher in the field of organophosphorus chemistry, organophosphorus reagents, phosphorus iodides and asymmetric synthesis of organophosphorus compounds.

Education :

1986 - academic title of Professor in the field of Organic Chemistry,
1982 - Doctor of Chemical Sciences (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev); )
1965 - diploma of higher education in the specialty engineer technologist (Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Chemical Technology). Specialty: 02.00.08 and 02.00.03

Professional Activity:
1991 - present - Head of Chemistry of Physiologically Active Compounds, IBONH NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv;
1975-1986 - Senior Researcher, Institute of Science of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
1969-1975 - Junior Researcher of Chemistry of Physiologically Active Phosphorus Compounds, IBONH NAS of Ukraine; Kiev Development of new reagents and methods of synthesis of organophosphorus compounds.

Main scientific areas:

Chemistry of phosphorus iodides;
Asymmetric synthesis of organophosphorus compounds;
Synthesis of phosphorus analogues of natural compounds, potential biologically active compounds.

Number of Published Works : Over 450 Scientific Articles, of which more than 20 reviews and 30 patents. Knowledge of foreign languages: English, French, Russian

More Information
Member of the Scientific Council of the IBONH NAS of Ukraine;
Member of the Specialized Scientific Council of the IBONH NAS of Ukraine for the protection of PhD and Doctoral Theses;
Member of the Editorial Board of Ukrainica Bioorganica Acta;
Member of the Editorial Board of the US-based international journal Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon and Related Elements.

Scientific directions of the Department:

The department is engaged in the development of methods of synthesis of potential biologically active compounds of natural origin, the development of new organophosphorus reagents, new reagents and methods of asymmetric synthesis of organophosphorus compounds, chemo- and biocatalysts.

Advanced research and development:

The concept of multiple asymmetric induction as a highly efficient method of increasing the stereoselectivity of reactions and synthesis of optically pure organophosphorus compounds has been developed.
Development of methods of asymmetric synthesis of physiologically active organophosphorus compounds.
A fundamentally new method for the asymmetric synthesis of enantiomerically pure phosphines and aminophosphines has been developed using nucleophilic substitution in a phosphorus atom in the presence of bases. for asymmetric recovery and ketophosphonates on the basis of soda and tartaric acid borohydride.
Development of methods for asymmetric synthesis of C-P isosteric analogs carbohydratphosohates of natural origin (glucosephosphonates, galaktozophosphonates et al.).
Development of methods of asymmetric synthesis of hydroxyphosphonates, aminophosphonic acids: carnitine, gamma-amino-beta-hydroxybutyric acid, isostatic, etc.
Asymmetric synthesis of organophosphorus analogues of taxol,
Development of methods of asymmetric synthesis of bis-bis. Synthesis of phosphorus analogues of indoprofen, isoindolinone-1-one, epoxyisoindolinone.

Department achievements:

За час існування відділу опубліковано дві монографії, а також декілька глав та розділів в монографіях виданих за кордоном, 10 обзорів в міжнародних журналах, більше 400 статей, 200 з яких за кордоном, захищено 7 кандидатських дисертацій. Досягнення відділу регулярно доповідалась на міжнародних конференціях по фосфорорганічної хімії, та національних конференціях

Researches performed:

The department's research is aimed at developing preparative methods for the synthesis of potential organophosphorus biologically active compounds based on the original reagents created by the department's staff. This approach makes it possible to synthesize specific derivatives of bioactive organophosphorus compounds that are difficult or impossible to synthesize in other ways.
The search for bioactive drugs among synthesized organophosphorus compounds is carried out as employees of other departments of biological direction of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry.

International relations

Колодяжний Олег Іванович є членом редакційної колегії міжнародного журналу Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon and Related Elements, що видається в США.

Recent most important publications:

1. Kolodiazhnyi O.I Phosphorus Ylides. Chemistry and Application in Organic Synthesis J. Wiley-VCH. Weinheim-New York-Chichester. 1999, P.1-565 (monograph)
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