Academic Council

The Scientific Council of the Institute is a collegial advisory body for managing the scientific and technical activities of the Institute. The Scientific Council makes decisions and makes recommendations within its competence, as determined by the Institute's statute.

The Scientific Council of the Institute discusses the main directions of scientific and scientific-technical activity of the Institute and recommends them for approval by the Department of Chemistry and the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine, and also considers:

- issues related to improving the structure of the Institute;
- questions of coordination and scientific cooperation with other organizations and institutions;
- holding meetings and conferences;
- questions of the international scientific cooperation of the Institute;
- questions scientific-publishing activity; international;
- nomination and discussion of nominations for the position of director of the Institute;
- election of research associates and heads of scientific units at the competition; to full members (academicians) and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The Scientific Council analyzes the state of realization of scientific researches, their financial and logistical support, training of scientific personnel.

The Scientific Council approves:
- programs, projects and plans for research and development work;
- reports on the work and major achievements of the Institute, reports of individual scientific units, including self-financing;
- the decision to award the title of Honorary Fellow of the Institute.

The Scientific Council states:
- results of certification of researchers;
- Topics of doctoral and Ph.D. dissertations of researchers and postgraduate students of the Institute, as well as their scientific supervisors (consultants).

Members of the Academic Council of the Institute and its sections затверджено рішенням Бюро Відділення хімії НАН України (протокол 26.01.2021 р. № 1, § 8, п. 8.3).