Відділи ІБОНХ ім. В.П.Кухаря НАН України

Names of Departments and their Managers
Posters presenting scientific achievements of departments

Department 1 Fine organic synthesis д.х.н. І. І. Герус

Department 2 Chemistry of bioactive nitrogen-containing heterocyclic bases Dr. Chem. Sci. Prof. V.S.Brovarets

Department 3 Mechanisms of bioorganic reactions Cor. Member Nat. Acad. Sci. Ukraine A.I.Vovk

Department 4 Chemistry of natural compounds Dr. Chem. Sci. O.B.Smolii

Department 5 Molecular mechanisms of regulation of cell metabolism Dr. Biol. Sci. V.S.Kravets

Department 6 Biomedical research д.б.н. Л.О.Метелиця

Department 8 Organic and petrochemical synthesis Cand. Chem. Sci. V.О. Yevdokymenko

Лабораторія № 8.1 polymer modification Cand. Chem. Sci. S.P.Rogalsky

Department 10 Catalytic synthesis Dr. Chem. Sci. L.K.Patrylyak

Department 14 homogeneous catalysis and additives to petroleum products Cand. Chem. Sci. E.V.Polunkin

Department 16 chemistry of functional materials Dr. Chem. Sci., Prof. A.A.Pud

Department 18 synthesis of physiologically active phosphorus compounds Correspondent Member NAS Ukraine O.I.Kolodyazhny

Department 24 scientific-organizational work and intellectual property Cand. Chem. Sci. S.V.Popilnichenko