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"Catalysis and petrochemistry"

Domestic print media. (Certificate No. 4214, КВ series) of the national sphere of distribution up to 13 d. printing. sh., included in the list of HAC of Ukraine as a professional publication.

Thematic focus - coverage of current problems of catalysis, general issues of development and creation of new catalysts, catalytic processes and reactors, the latest technological solutions in these fields; publications on fundamental and applied aspects of modern petrochemistry, issues of basic organic synthesis based on oil, development of new technological processes.

The compilation regularly publishes articles by leading scientists of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Poland, the USA and other countries.

Website of the publication kataliz.org.ua.

Also on the site of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine

Languages of the edition are Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Archive of issues on the magazine's website